Saturday, April 21, 2012


I just got back from teaching a  workshop and I am tired but happy. I had a wonderful group of students whose enthusiasm for painting and willingness to tackle the challenges was awe inspiring. This was my first demo (sold). I was not able to get a very good photo, sorry.

Here are some photos of them learning and painting.

a couple of their value studies.

not afraid to tackle painting glass

total concentration

such enthusiasm

the organizer finally at work on the fun part, painting

their new color wheels became their new best friend

squinting did occur

they created some innovative panel holders

 my second demo and setup

As I prepared to leave, they were talking about scheduling my return visit, with suggestions that ranged from the very reasonable "next year" to the complementary, but unlikely "would you just move here?"

I can't thank the organizer, Kathryn Wilson, enough. She did a fabulous job of putting this together.


Karen Werner said...

Great post, Carolyn. Love the last photo especially. Really nice work.

Anne said...

Love seeing the work, and also everyone painting too! Thanks!