Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I painted today, but I wasn't really happy with it, so I decided to show you one of my gallery works. I'll paint again tomorrow and with any luck I'll have something to show you. I still haven't gotten my groove back yet and to further complicate that process on Thursday we are going to Dallas to see the grandbaby!!! (and her parents). We'll be coming back next Tuesday. I won't be painting or posting that whole time, but I plan on taking a sketch book and doing a little drawing to keep my hand in at least a little.


The exterior is finished. The electrician will start on Thursday (maybe). And then next week I'll be starting inside with the insulating, dry walling and (gulp) taping and floating. Fun, fun, fun. The pressure treated wood needs to cure before I can paint the exterior, so I anticipate painting the outside next spring so it will match my house.


But with the magic of photoshop I can give you a preview of how it will look when I do paint it.

Won't it be cute? I love my little studio.


Diana Marshall said...

Love the stargazers they are so beautiful and smell so wonderful.

Laurel Daniel said...

Your studio AND house are both so cute!!! It will be so great to have it all done! Congrats!

Laurel Daniel said...

Oh, and I LOVE the way you painted those Stargazer Lilies. (I didn't realize this was all one post.) Beautiful swirling petals!! Gorgeous!

Linda Schweitzer said...

The stargazer lilies painting is so joyful! I like your treatment of the negative space, too.
Your house and studio are very cute! Is there a sink/kitchen or bathroom setup in the studio?

Edward Burton said...

The stargazer painting is very beautiful, Carolyn, and your studio looks GREAT! Your house looks wonderful too.

julie davis said...

How exciting! The studio looks great....love your house, too. The stargazers are beautiful.

Paula Cravens said...

I am SO envious! What a great house and studio.Lovely dramatic effect on those lilies.