Monday, February 2, 2009

Plum Delight

I did this in Carol Marine's workshop. I hadn't planned on it being a finished painting, just an exercise, but after I looked at it awhile, I liked it so much I decided to post it for sale.


When I told my fellow workshop members that my studio is in the doorway between two rooms, they asked me to post a photo of it on my blog. So here it is. You may notice my computer room on the other side. (I'd already cleaned my palette before I remembered to take the photo, but it normally is smeared with paint.)


emory said...

Im glad you decided to post this one. It is so rich and lively. The plum is so plump it looks like it could explode!

Nel said...

I can definitely see the "Carol" influence, very nice!

Linda Schweitzer said...

Nice studio, Carol! You must not use that doorway much. I like the Office Depot carts as a taboret.